Welcome to the TPS Club

The TPS Membership Card is a special stored-valued card that offers discounts and deals at all our stores nationwide. Basically you use it to pay for purchases, while enjoying discounts at the same time. When your value runs low, simply top it up in amounts of $22, $55 or $107. And there’s no joining, registration, or renewal fees ever!

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The TPS Membership is unlike any other. You’d enjoy Members Only sales, discounts of up to 30% even during non-sale periods, and basically loads of good stuff for you. We’d be introducing new deals in future for members, so stay tuned.

Get your TPS Membership Card at any of our stores now. Simply ask our friendly staff to assist you in the application process.

• This Membership Card entitles the cardholder to special discounts & privileges on products at participating The Paper Stone stores in Singapore only.
• Discount only applies if credits from the Membership Card are used to pay in full.
• Top-up is available in $22, 55 and $107 amounts. Every $55 topped up entitles you to an extra $3 credit. Every $107 topped up entitles you to an extra $8 credit.
• You may check your balance credit at any of our stores.
• A $10 charge will be imposed for replacement of lost card.
• This card is fully transferable.
• Credits from the membership card cannot be redeemed for cash.
• The management reserves the right to amend or withdraw the privileges and terms and conditions without prior notice.



48 thoughts on “Membership

    • Hi Lorraine, it’s lifetime membership. Basically it’s a stored value card, so as long as you use it to pay, you will enjoy discounts. Hope this clarifies things. 🙂

    • Hi Regina,

      So sorry but our online store will only be ready in January so currently our products are only available at our physical stores. And also, membership can only be applied at the shops. Are you based overseas?

      • Hi,

        But if I’m member, after the online store is ready, will I be able to pay and top up the card online via credit card/ paypal and will you ship overseas because I’m relocating next year. 🙂


      • Hey Denise, many apologies. The “newsite” is our testing site and the online store is not available for shopping yet. We regret to inform that the online store will take a little longer than expected to be ready. It’s quite a dismay. But we hope to get a proper one done early next year. 🙂 Appreciate your understanding and we thank you for stopping by our website!

      • Hey again! No solid info yet, but we do hope to integrate shopping online with credit cards, topping up membership credits online, and accommodating international orders. All wonderful ideas we say. 😉 Thanks once again for your support!

    • Hi Florensia,

      Thanks for dropping a message. So sorry but our membership card needs to be bought from the store at the moment. It’s a stored value pre-paid card that contains credits which you can use to buy things from our shops. You also need to fill in a form and set a password on our electronic keypad. We will appreciate if you could drop by any of our stores and our friendly staff can assist you. 🙂

      Thank you again!
      TPS Team

    • Hi Kylie, yes the membership is free. It’s a pre-paid card so whatever credit in there can be used to purchase things in our store. Currently, there’s a promotion for the membership – get the card at $50, and get $55 credit. Extra $5 credit for spending! 😉

    • Hey… Thanks for asking. The TPS Club discounts are only applicable if you paid in full with the card’s credits. So if you have $5 and bought a $5 product, you still get the discount. But if the product costs more, you’d need to top up a $20 into the card to pay for the product and enjoy the members’ discount.

      Should you wish to top up in cash then the discounts don’t apply.

      Hope this clarifies things. 🙂

  1. When I first apply for the card, do I have to pay $50 or can I leave it empty until I feel like topping up the card? Also, do we top up the card at the stores?

    • Hihi! Yes you have to put $50 into the card because to enjoy discounts, you have to use the credits on the card to pay. Currently there’s a promo where you get $55 credits for $50. 🙂

    • Hey Ting, at the moment it is. So sorry to fall short of expectations. We are currently working on the website as we would like to integrate an online store. 🙂 Many thanks for your patience!

    • Hihi! Just head down to any of our stores to sign up, our friendly store personnel will assist you with the form and details. We are having a promo now where every $100 put onto the card gets extra $50 credits (total of $150!). If you get the minimum quantity for signing up, it’s $50 for $55 value. For topups of $20, there are no bonus credits.

      And remember, no renewal, subscription or admin fees required. 🙂

    • Hi Cameo, thanks for the support but this promo is over. It was January’s promo. We are now having an eraser+pencil at $1 promo. Will post up some info soon. 🙂

      Btw, currently you can get $115 credit for a $100 top up for the membership.

    • Yes you pay $55 and you get $58 worth of credits to buy things at discounted rate. There’s no joining, admin, or subscription fees. 🙂 Hope this helps!

    • Hi Ashley, yup just go to any outlet, present your NRIC with your membership card to ascertain that the card belongs to you, and then the staff there will direct you to reset your password by keying in a new one. Let us know how it works out. 🙂

  2. Once i singned up for membership at the shop can i use the card toget the discount and pay for the things i bought??

  3. Hi TPS! I am already a member for quite a long while now. With regards to our membership card which is basically a stored value card; what happens to the remaining amount should we decide not to be a member anymore? I also understand that payment has to be done fully with the membership card, else by other modes of payment. Why can’t we do partial payments?

    • Hi Hanz,

      Thanks for asking! Our TPS membership card is indeed a stored value card, but it gives you extra free credits whenever you sign up or top up the card, as well as discounts on all merchandise. As such, we are unable to allow partial payment via other methods of payment to enjoy the discounts, our point-of-sale system would not be able to process payments this way as well. We encourage members who wish to stop their top-ups by fully utilising the balance value as much as they can. However, in future should they wish to “restart” their membership, they can simply bring their card back to our stores to top up again. Our membership cards have no expiry date, no renewal or admin fees, so this scenario is possible, and any balance amount in the card will still be available. This allows flexibility in our members’ shopping habits and preferences.

      We hope this provides enough clarification to your question. Please do email us at should you have further questions. We will be happy to answer them. 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by our blog page! Have a great week ahead.

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