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104 thoughts on “Contact us

    • Hey Nadiah, Oops! If the item is in saleable condition with packaging and tags (if there were any), and if you’ve the receipt, we’d definitely make the exchange for you. Just come on down to our store again. πŸ™‚

      TPS Team

      • Hey there! Might we know why you’d like a refund? We would certainly hope the product was to your liking. In any case, products bought with cash can be refunded at the outlet you bought it with receipt, and with the product in perfect condition with all tags. Unfortunately, for items bought with membership credits, we are unable to give refunds, but we can definitely allow exchange of the product, even if it’s a different product. Hope this helps!

  1. Hi, I just purchase a whole lot of items at harbor front outlet.. However my animal sharpener wasn’t in the bag although I’ve paid for it. As I was in a hurry to catch my ferry I realized in when I was on board the ferry. Is it possible for me to collect it once I’m back in Singapore?

    • Hey Nura,

      Oops oh dear. Ok please come by our HF outlet when you are back with your receipt to collect the animal sharpener. Sorry it was missed out. Have asked the sales execs there to take note on this.

      TPS Team

  2. Hi,

    Do you guys sell any polka dots paper or origami or wrapping paper? Cuz I need it badly for a bday card for my bf 😦 if you do have, may I know how much will it cost?

    Thank you!

    • Hey there, we don’t have polka dots, but we do have a dotty wrapper in pink or turquoise. It’s $1.90 for one piece and $3 if you buy two. We also sell other patterns like hearts, London prints, and toy soldiers. Go check them out later? πŸ™‚

  3. Hi, I bought several items at your parkway parade branch yesterday at about 5pm and I realise when I got home they have forgotten to place the London cup into the bag.
    My membership card is 109667 under the name Nicole Ng
    Hope you can confirm they have my cup and I will pick it up this Saturday.
    Many thanks
    Nicole Ng

    • Hi Nicole, thanks for your email. Oh dear… Sorry to hear about this. I have checked with the staff at Parkway and they said you bought various items and the mug was placed in a bag by itself. Could you double check that you haven’t misplaced it as well? The reason is because they have tallied the stock for mugs and there isn’t one left at the counter either.

      Please email for further queries.

      Many thanks!
      TPS Team

    • Hey Denise, so sorry but the site is a draft version that’s not ready yet. Our online store has unfortunately had some hiccups. We will endeavor to get something up as soon as possible. Many thanks for your support and patience! πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Michele, if the product is not used, with tags and packaging all intact, and with a receipt, we can exchange the sling bag for you. Do come by our store. πŸ™‚

      • That’s great. But it is a present … No receipt (not so nice to ask her for one) , but I know it was purchased on 23 Dec at Nex in the evening . Still possible to exchange rgt? Pleaseeee…?

  4. I was at the Hougang Mall outlet on 18.1.14 @9.30pm . I realised I drop my Passion Card Ez-link card while waiting for my bus but not sure whether it was at the shop.

  5. Hi there! I’m really interested to work at TPS. May i know what are the requirements and how to apply for the job? πŸ™‚

  6. I don’t understand how you can miss putting a paid item into the bag. When I got back barely an hour after purchase at Tampines Mall outlet, my daughter can’t find one item. Checked website for a contact but found nothing. Now I have to drop her again to try to get it. Being a Saturday parking is already impossible.

  7. Hi, I just bought a Scrap Book from your store in JP. When we reach home to start scrapbooking, we found that the pages we stuck together and when we try to pry it apart, the paper tore from the page. So if i were to go back to the shop, would i be able to get a replacement ?

    • Hi Jubaidah,

      Very very sorry for this inconvenience. Please do bring your scrapbook back to the shop for a one-to-one exchange. If you have the receipt, it will be good.

      Thank you very much for your support. And we apologise again for your less than perfect experience with us.

      Best regards,
      TPS Team

  8. Hi, I wanna enquiries is there still job openings and do they take in malau girls wearing hijabs/head scarves?

  9. Hello! I am interested in applying full time position while waiting for university application next year. Are there any requirements for the full time job? πŸ™‚

  10. Hi, may I know if there’s any vacancy for part time or temporary assistant in any of your outlets? I am currently taking my Os it’ll be over in the end of October. I can start immediately after 1st November πŸ™‚ If there is I dont mind coming down for an interview! Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon πŸ™‚

  11. Bought a notebook in wed and realised that the inner page are upside down. I throw my receipt. Can I exchange since is a damaged item.

  12. Hey, both me and my friend are really interested in working at paper stone but is it possible if we work together in the same store? or will we be posted to different store? and we’re only able to work for 1 month since it’s our holiday. so is it possible? πŸ™‚

  13. Hi, i hv made a purchase last night n notice that there wasnt any member disc reflected on the receipt for the items i hv purchased. I made my payment using my TPS card for payment. May i know how to check other than making a trip back to the store? Thanks!

    • Hi Joyce,

      Thanks for contacting us. If you had swiped your card and keyed in your PIN, your items would have automatically been charged at members’ prices. Please email us at so that we can further clarify for you. Perhaps you could send us a photo of the receipt?

      TPS team

  14. Hey there! I was wondering if secondary school students waiting for their O-Level results can apply for a job? May I know the criteria for those who wants to apply and what positions are available? 😊

  15. Hi,i would like to apply for part time,but i do not know how to do a resume,i have not done it before,am i still able to apply?

    • Hi Mrs Nagamani, thanks for your support. Our nearest store to JP now is Lot One and we will be opening our new store at Jem by end July. Do come and visit then !

  16. Hi dear,

    I am interested to work at paperstone as a part-timer. May I ask what is the rate and what is the minimum working hours required per week?

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