15 Signs You Are A Stationery Addict

1. You go crazy with pens in a multitude of colours.
2. You collect erasers, and never use them, ever. (Who can bear to when they are this cute, seriously!)
elephant group  
3. You really love sharpened pencils… it’s almost like an obsessive disorder.
4. It’s hard to tear you away from this…
  shop shelves  
5. You appreciate fancy effects, because you can be touchy-feely with them all day. IMG_0653
6. You own more notebooks than you’d ever have stuff to write in them.
7. Doodling is your life.
8. You go to the stationery store just because.
9. People send emails. You send lovely notes in pretty cards.
10. You own a physical planner, not some computer/phone/app type. 18
11. Stickers are not just for little children.
12. School is never dull because there’s just so many fun things to buy.
13. You have at least one pen with a face on it.
14. You already have pencil cases, but you want some more!
baggies case with pens  
15. You read all 15 of these points and have nodded your head 15 times in agreement. GIF-nod-penguin-satisfied-yes-yup-GIF

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