New in! London, Paris, and hearts!

New in stores this week ~ London, Paris, rainbow hearts and pink/purple hearts. Get them in Journals, Just Lines, My Story, Doodle Pads and Exercise Books.

We were inspired to do Paris because really, who doesn’t think Paris is the most romantic city in the world? Eiffel Towers and men strolling down Champs Élysées with baguettes under their arms… What’s not to love about it?


And then when we did that, we decided on London too because those red buses are just too cute. That and Buckingham Palace guards. *swoon*


Rounding off the release for August are repeated “polka-hearts”. We know you love polka-dots, so we thought we’d jazz it up into hearts. An irresistibly colourful combination!



Get them in stores now.


2 thoughts on “New in! London, Paris, and hearts!

  1. Dear the paper stone,
    When I went into your stall, I looked around for journals with hard covering and no monthly/yearly format, but could not find them. Do you still sell those??

    • Hi Hao Wen, we have journals with yearly/monthly/weekly pages all in one, and Justlines which consists of lines and blank pages. Did you manage to see those? We don’t do individual separate monthly and weekly journals anymore. 🙂

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