Because life is not Black & White

When we were designing our second collection of Journals and Just Lines notebooks, we thought, why have plain pages with black lines, why not multi-coloured lines with stars and clouds, with various sections for different needs. So that’s what we did. We have completely revamped our Journals and Just Lines to feature loads of colour and excitement, as you use it for your daily affairs.

Journals now come in a weekly/monthly format, with both sections for your use. There’s also a Dates to Remember yearly planner, as well as a section for notes and sketches, and there’s a useful and really quirky map that we specially designed. Sections come divided with coloured and cute drawings too!




Just Lines now comes with loads of pages of lines and some blank ones for drawing and writing. It’s gonna be so fun using it!

494_326889760774964_938341969_n 8633_326889847441622_907904782_n

Get them now at any of our outlets!


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